How to Run Successful Virtual Meeting

In today’s busy business environment, we need to take advantage of all technological advances that help us to preserve our valuable time and resources. For example, Google allows us to find answers or provoke thoughts for topics at any time of the day, faster freight and shipment companies allows us to reach a greater audience and target market.

The rise of technology is evolving how we interact with others in the business world. One of the fastest growing technologies is that of virtual connections. A virtual meeting allows people around the world, regardless of their geographical location or timezone, to connect via video and audio. In these meetings, data is shared in real-time. Now it may not be exactly the same as a face-to-face meeting, but it is the next best thing.

So, remember these key points when running virtual meetings:

  1. Be Prepared, Punctual and Present
    2. Make the most of your ability to use your visual & auditory communication skills while video calling
    3. Dress appropriately – not just from the waist up!
    4. Put your microphone on mute while not speaking to block out any unwanted background noise… need I say more!

Take action today!