How can I get my staff to work like a team?

‘You can’t get good people’ or ‘Why can’t I get my people to do as I tell them?’ are two common pleas heard from business owners. Here’s some ideas that will make your life easier.

Get back to basics

Most business operators understand how important systems are, as systems help a business run smoothly and profitably. With the right systems in place, you just have to employ the right people to run these systems. Michael Gerber’s fantastic book, The E-Myth, highlights how important systems are for businesses to be successful, while McDonalds is a real-life example of a business using good systems to make it profitable and successful.

Get the systems built into your business. If you feel like you’re banging your head against a brick wall with your staff, take a look at your systems first. Look at everything, from how staff answer the phone through to how you produce your product.

If your systems aren’t clearly defined and easy to understand, it’s difficult for staff to know what you want. Write down your systems and turn them into checklists. It’s a basic foundation for a successful business and will help your people work together as a team.

Once your systems are built and clearly defined, you need to recruit the right people to run those systems.

Systems and synergy

You don’t just want people who come in, follow the systems and get the job done. What you want is synergy. This comes from having staff committed to a common goal. If you, as the owner, dictate the common goals to your team, they are unlikely to be as committed: ownership comes from involvement. And a team that has ownership is more likely to achieve great things.

Ownership is also useful when designing and building your systems. Keep asking your team: ‘I’m looking for [certain outcome]. How do you think we should go about achieving this?’

The successful business owner has team members that say: ‘I think we should do it like this.’ The unsuccessful business owner has team members that say: ‘I don’t know. You’re the boss.’

Be aware of what you say and what messages that delivers to your team. If you say: ‘No one can do it like me’ and then you jump in and do it all, your team is learning that’s how you want to run things.

It’s also vital that you surround yourself with the best possible people. Often it’s only once you start recruiting people smarter than you that the true potential of your business will be realised.

By implementing the right systems, hiring the right people and creating ownership through your own leadership, you’re well on the way to running a successful team.

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